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Windows Into Revelation: What You Need To Know About the Future





Makes Clear God's Roadmap for the Future!


Provides keys to understand the prophecies of the Bible


Provides guidance for living in the world today

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             John Receiving the Revelation

Mosaic of John receiving the Revelation over the entrance of Church of the Resurrection, Island of Patmos.


Windows into Revelation: What You Need To Know About the Future

"Windows into Revelation" presents windows into the prophecies of the Bible from the perspective of the Book of Revelation as well as a verse by verse explaination. "Windows" are prophetic snapshots providing understanding of future events and the Lord's personal message to the reader. Revelation is the key to understand the future and how to survive in the difficult times in which we live. "Windows into Revelation" provides keys to interpret Bible prophecy and to understand the times we live in. Old Testament and New Testament Bible prophecies are correlated with the predictions of Revelation. The book makes clear such terms as Apocalypse, Armageddon, Antichrist, 666, and much more. The study guide includes an action track for "Overcomer's Life Application" to assist personal application. The signs of the times predicted by Scripture and by the Lord's teaching are displayed on the news almost daily. Clear understanding of the future provides the world view necessary for daily living. God's Revelation unveils "what you need to know about the future".


  • 248 - 8 ½ x 11 size pages
  • Spiral Binding allows pages to be rotated 360 degrees for easier use
  • Durable front and back cover
  • Provides an Overview of "What You Need To Know About the Future"
  • Provides a "Prophecy Update" abreast of current events and technology advances
  • Gives insight to understanding Revelation
  • Correlates the Revelation to the other prophecies of the Bible
  • Describes the dynamics of God’s prophecy and various schools of interpretation
  • Can be used for small group Bible study guide
  • Up-to-date Historical-Literal Grammatical Interpretation
  • Opens windows to the spiritual dynamics of the Revelation
  • Provides essential keys to understanding Bible prophecy
  • Provides a Time Line of the Future
  • Exposes what is behind the current trends of globalism and extremism
  • Details the coming Battle of Armageddon and the Destiny of the Nations from Bible Prophecy
  • Apocalypse, Armageddon, Signs of the Times, Antichrist, One World Government, 666 and more are explained
  • Features "Overcomer's Life Application" Guides
  • Includes Study Application Questions for individual or group studies

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