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How to Get There


How to "Get There on God's Eagle Wings" 

   For many people the great questions of life go unmentioned, but are intuitive. "Is there a God?"  "Can I have a meaningful relationship? (Filled with love, joy, purpose, etc.)"  "What is the purpose of my life?"

   Every person is invited to the opportunity of a vastly transformed life which is available to all who will let God take them there. The eagle is a symbol that represents the spiritual perspective that Jesus Christ has (and gives to those who will trust in Him). Jesus is the Divine Son of God who came to man from heaven.

    Eagle wings are symbolic of God's protection, training, and life transforming power. The eagle teaches its young to fly, catching them on its wings when they are falling, and teaching them to soar into the heights. Like humans, eaglets find the nest comfortable with food provided, and don't want to leave that place of deceptive comfort. When the eaglets are ready, the parents take the soft lining out of the nest, and begin coaxing them out of the nest to learn flying.

     Like an eagle that stirs up its nest and hovers over its young, that spreads its wings to catch them (God's people) and carries them ... He made them ride on the heights ... and fed them ... and nourished them ...  (Exodus 32:11, 12)

And ... were given two wings of a great eagle, to fly into the wilderness (a place of refuge) to a place prepared ...  (paraphrase of Revelation 12:14)

   The Lord uses this “picture” to illustrate His training and protection of His children in the face of Satan’s attack against them. The wings of the eagle pictures God's conveyance into the wilderness to 'flee' (separate them from those things that hinder), and 'fly' to a place of protection, training and intimacy with God. The Lord desires to bring His children to the place where they are living above the ravages of sin and deceptions of Satan and learning to exercise both His love and authority. The wings of the eagle picture equipping for a practical transformation of a person's life.

    How can you "get there" to a meaningful, free relationship with God? The First Step is to be found "In Christ". This first step is a dedication to be "in the nest" with God as your parent. For this step, click on the "Freedom In Christ" link here or below.

    If you believe you are already "In Christ", it is possible that you are not experiencing the freedom that God has for you. There is a reality difference between being "in Christ" and experiencing "freedom in Christ". Check it out.

    The Second Step is to be carried "On Eagle Wings". Continue on the "Freedom in Christ" page to get there.

Jesus invites you to come to this place and participate in life with Him. This ministry is dedicated to helping you "get there ... on the eagle wings" God provides.

Copyright © by Philip Wiebe 2015


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