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The Word


Who is Worthy?

Revelation Chapter 5


The great question of life is “Who is worthy?” Untold millions of people either think they are earning the status of “worthy” to receive through religious acts. Or, they believe that their good outweighs their bad. However, it was revealed to John, In Revelation chapter 5, that a search  was made of all who ever lived, and none were found worthy. Let this sink into your heart. The great issue of life proceeds from worthiness.

There is a performance consciousness in every person. There is a need to earn acceptance and significance. Yet there is a nagging guilt that expectations are not being met. Inside there is a growing frustration, resulting in anger. And worse, expectations of others that aren’t being met. Eventually the frustration reaches a breaking point.

But wait, there was one person found worthy after all. It is the Lamb standing in the midst of God’s throne, looking like it has been slain. Upon this Lamb fell the punishment of all the unmet expectations, broken rules, and evil intentions. In one great act the Lamb destroyed any hope of approaching God’s throne on the basis of religion or personal worthiness. With the wrath of punishment taken care of, there is hope for everyone. God is able to release His love and grace to those who are willing to lay down their own sense of worthiness to accept the One who was found worthy. Jesus, whose sinless life enabled Him to be the unblemished Lamb of God, was offered by God as the sacrifice for the forgiveness of your sin.

Where are you in relation to performance, expectations, and feelings of guilt? Why haven’t you given up on these? Why keep trying to be someone that you can’t be? God loves you as you are. The cross of the Lamb is your bridge to the fullness of the Father’s love and acceptance. It bridges that awful chasm between what you are and what expectations that you fall short of. By trusting in the sacrifice made in your place, you are free. Free from “falling short”. Free from guilt. Free to become who God will help you to become! Stop now, and open your heart to the Father. There is a gulf of sin and shortcomings that separate you from a personal relationship with God. The cross of Jesus bridges that gap between God and you. Step on the cross to bridge the gap that has withheld love and confidence in Him. As you "walk" on that beam toward Him you will find His arms open to receive you.

Who is worthy? Jesus the Lamb of God has proven worthy. Place your worthiness in Him. He will share it with you.


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